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Food Processing Operations Analysis

Food Processing Operations Analysis
Published on 2005-01-01 by Asian Books Private Limited

The Book Tries To Make The Reader Understand The Food Processing Operations Through A Comprehensive Numerical Problem.Understanding Of The Operations Becomes Deeper When The Reader Solves The Exersise Problems Given Under Each Of The Operations. Answer To Most Of The Numerical Problems Have Been Provided In The Book. The Proposed Book Is Unique As It Includes (I) Comprehensive Numerical Problem Based On Actual Data Taken During Food Processing Operations (Ii) Mathematical Modelling Of The Processing Operations (Iii) Solutions Of The Numerical Problem Based On Mathematical Models Developed (Iv) Exersise Problems And (V) Inclusion Of Matlab Program In The Book. The Program Will Help The Reader To Find Out The Value Of The Responces As Affected By Varying The Independent Variables To Different Levels.Most Of The Materials Havebeen Class Tested Through The Teaching Of The Subjects. E.G., Food Processing Operations, Transfer Processes In Food Materials And Food Process Modelling And Evaluation. Content Highlights : - Part-I : Mechanical Operations : Size Reduction And Practice Size Analysis# High Pressure Homoginization. # Flexible Packaging And Shelf Life Prediction# Modified Atmosphere Packaging And Storage. # Single Screw Extrusion. # Seperation Of Liquids In Disk Type Centrifugal Seperator. # Seperation And Convaying On Oscillating Tray Surface. # Solid MixingsPart-Ii : Thermal Operations : Comparing Saturated And Flue Gas As Heat Transfer Media. # Liquid Heating In Plate Heat Exchanger. # Liquid Heating In Helical Tube Heat Exchanger. # Air Heating In Extended Surface Heat Exchanger. # In-Bottle Serialization. # Fluid Bed Freezing. # Concentration In Raising Film Evaporator. # Concentration In Falling Film Multistage Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator. # Concentration In Scraped Surface Evaporator. # Osmo-Concentration In Fruit Solid. # Differential And Flash Distillation. # Air-Recirculatory Tray Drying. # Vaccum Drying. # Spray Drying. # Freeze Drying. # Hot Air Puffing.Part-Iii : Experimentation And Optimization : Empirical Model Development# Sensory Evaluation Using Fuzzy Logic. # Index

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